Sunday, June 17, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge Day 29

Active Challenge:  Accumulate at least 10 minutes of extra walking today.  Ok, so I do this pretty much everyday.   I don't get to sit much until the kids are in bed and then I'm normally still up and doing stuff.  My extra 10 minutes came in while working gates so my husband could move hay into some of the animals.  This also turned into a race that I couldn't win as the tractor in question is our garden tractor and is without brakes at the moment.   So going downhill I had to try to beat the tractor to the gates.  I was running like the mountain lions had come off the hill to eat me!!!

Exercise Challenge: 
Part one:  Cardio endurance workout:  Besides doing my running away from a mountain line practice, I also managed to do a layered workout with running.  We've done these before where you go at a standard speed, then speed up and go back to base, then speed up, etc.  I logged in 3 miles doing this!  Halfway back to my prepregnancy running!
Part two:  Ab workout for at least 10 minutes.  I can't say for sure that I did this, but I did do an ab workout.  I did 50 sit ups, 50 side sit ups per side(so 100 total) and then 50 reverse situps.  I must confess that these were done in 50's but at different times of the day, not all at once.

Flexibility Challenge:  Lower body stretching.  I did toe touches and some other stretches.  I also did squats and lunges just for holding to stretch out the legs.  And being as today was Sunday I also got in my bounce the baby on your feet up into the air workout done!

Nutritional Challenge:  Change one snack to make it healthier.  Well as I've shown before we dont' really do a lot of unhealthy snacks.  Meals today were:  breakfast(totally unhealthy but so good) bacon and fried eggs(hey it was Father's Day), no first snack due to church, lunch was pork loin grilled with baked beans, potato salad, and 3 bean salad--we ate with my parents, so I had to be very careful what I ate, for dessert my grandmum had made pies but I brought fresh watermelon for us--, no afternoon snack as it was a late lunch, and for supper we had a salad with a side of watermelon(yeap whole thing gone now) cantalope and fresh cut up at home pineapple!  Love fresh pineapple.  But now I must confess that hubby and I just got done enjoying root beer floats. . . . the redeeming factor would be frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream and that the root beer was made with the sodastream and was the real sugar so no HCFS in it!  Does that make it better? 

Mind/Body Challenge:  meditation again.  I don't meditate, but I do spend the Sunday School time when I am in the nursery with our little girls to pray.  I've had several things to pray for lately so that was an hour well spent. 

Don't forget to check out how Kandi over at Gluten Free For Jen did today(praying she wakes up migraine free in the morning) and you can find my previous posts below. Note though that tomorrow is our last day!

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  1. This is so cool! I am sad I'm just finding this, but maybe I'll start it today. I'm most excited about the flexibility challenge. I used to be so flexible but now I can't even touch my toes without bending my knees!