Tuesday, June 12, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge Day 23

Active Challenge:  They gave us a list of stretches and told us to choose one to do before bed.  I did mine in the afternoon which is probably a good thing because Fionna wouldn't let me put her down to go to bed last night.  Everytime I did she woke up.

Exercise Challenge:  Do at least a 30 minute cardio workout, pushing yourself to go harder/faster/higher at least 3 times during the workout.  Well last night I had to walk all the way up the steep side of the bluff to bring my goats down.  It took me an hour to get up there get them and bring them back down.  Well, that hour does include milking too so maybe only 40 minutes of active walking.  If you've ever climbed a steep bluff you know it is a good workout!

Flexibility Challenge:  Do lower body exercises.  I did lunges, squats, leg lifts, and a few others.  I'm hoping that before we're done with this challenge I will have gotten my legs toned back to where they once were.

Nutritional Challenge:  So I honestly laughed when I read this one.  Take one of the three following steps to slow down one meal today.  Hahahahaha, my meals are slow already!  I'm always having to get up and get something else or help one of the kids that I'm the last done and it's cold when I am!

Mind/Body Challenge:  Go to bed 10 minutes early tonight and complete the following relaxations.  Well this did not happen.  I did go to bed early but only because my little one was waking up everytime I put her down, so I ended up laying down to bed with her.

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