Monday, May 28, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge -Day 8

Day 8 already has come and gone.  Here was how it went for me.  You can read about Kandi's day over at Gluten Free For Jen.

Challenge 1:  15 minutes of walking up hills or stairs.  I did 30 minutes of stair walking while my moon pie was baking(watch for recipe later).  So check got that one done!!

Challenge 2:  Exercise challenge:  Do abs and core exercises.  They gave us a list of 7 exercises to do, but I could only do 5 of them because I do not have an exercise ball.  I would love to have one, but don't have the extra money for one right now.

Challenge 3:  Yoga.  I did not do this, however, I did get some stretching in.

Challenge 4:  Nutritional Challenge.  eat one serving of fruit with each meal.  We had strawberries with breakfast(waffles), no snack on Sundays as we're in church, lunch was a cold pasta salad(recipe coming) with cantaloupe on the side, afternoon snack was apples and oranges, supper was eaten at a friends house which consisted of roast, salad, potato salad, and other yummy things plus watermelon for dessert!  Check we got that one!

Challenge 5 was the mind/body again.  I did not do the meditation but I did spend extra time praying and reading my Bible so I think I qualify for that one.

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