Sunday, June 3, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge -Day 14

Day 14 of the Fitness Challenge was yesterday.  I was not home for the day so it was a bit interesting to do some of the challenges.  Here is how I fared!

Challenge 1:  Active Challenge:  Sit on an exercise ball for at least 5-10 minutes.  I do not have an exercise ball so I couldn't do this.  But I can say that other than 3 hours total of driving, from 5am until 11pm I did not sit.  It was an active fun day at a Civil War Reenactment with the kids.

Challenge 2:  Exercise Challenge:  Part 1:  Do at least 20 minutes of medium high intensity cardio.  I did a ton of walking yesterday.  The kids and I walked about a mile from our parking spot to the campsite, then we walked around 2 miles to town, 2 miles back, then we had to go back to the van so another 1 mile.  Of course, when walking with kids you have varied speeds, so for part of it they were running and we were going at a good clip and part they were slow so we were slowed down.  But a total of 6 miles is pretty good!
Part 2:  Upper body exercise:  They gave us a list of upper body to try and do, but I didn't have time for those.  Instead remember all that walking that we were doing.  Well I was carrying a 20 pound baby in each arm on each hip.  They can get heavy after a while, but it was better than trying to walk at a toddlers pace or worse trying to keep a toddler on track.  So for 6 miles I was packing 20 pounds in each arm.  I think that is a good workout.  In fact, one of my arms is still feeling the workout a bit!

Challenge 3:  Flexibility Challenge:  They gave us a list of total body stretches to do.  I didn't do those.  I did however do some stretching after each walk trying to get the kinks out(carrying babies without slings remember) so I did do some stretches.  I also forgot to mention that I was wearing period correct clothes which means a corset!!

Challenge 4:  Nutrition Challenge:  To change your eating habits for one day.  Well I can say I did this but I think it was in a bad way!  For breakfast we just had granola bars so we could get moving as the kids slept in.  No morning snack.  For lunch we ate with the camp so it was a bit rough finding things we could eat.  We ended up with big plates of veggies and cut up fruit for everyone to munch on.  Oh and a very yummy spinach dip thanks to a health conscience person trying to lose weight!  Afternoon snack of apples.  Supper was provided by the people putting on the event so we had a whole hog roast(very yummy).  They also provided potato salad, coleslaw, beans, etc. .. . . but I wasn't sure what was in those so I passed on those.  They also had a very yummy looking chocolate cake that I would have loved to have a bite of, but since I didn't want to get sick I passed.  I did eat an apple on the drive home.  And here comes the worst part of my day. . . . I drank a bottle of Dr. Pepper while driving home.  It's been a really long time since I've had soda(I haven't even tried out my SodaStream yet --yipes) so this was a naughty for me, but it helped me stay awake while driving in the dark!

Challenge 5:  Mind/Body Challenge:  Spend 1 minute in meditation.  I did not do this because I don't meditate, but I did spend the time driving after the kids all fell asleep praying(they were all out within 30 minutes, lol) so I had over an hour of prayer time.

And that was my super fun filled day!!  You can check out the rest of my days below.  Also make sure to hop on over to check out what Kandi was up to yesterday!  Sounds like she had fun with her kids as well!

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