Friday, June 8, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge Day 19

Wow it really doesn't seem like we're this far into the challenge!

Active Challenge:  Set an alarm to go off every hour.  Take a few minutes to do a simplified sun salutation stretch.  Ok, so I didn't do the alarm.  Like I've said before I'm not normally a sitting down type person.  My kids don't let me sit for long at all and it's very rare that I sit for an entire hour.  So, what I did was just try to remember to do the stretch, and every time I thought of it I did it!

Exercise Challenge:  Do at least 30 minutes of light-medium cardio exercise.  I went on a brisk walk with the kids trying to find the goats.  Up and down the hills trying to push a stroller in our pasture.  Yeap I think this counts.

Flexibility Challenge:  Perform a series of stretches twice a day.  I did stretch twice during the day, and actually managed to do all the stretches they listed. 

Nutrition Challenge:  Think of one person you know who eats healthy and ask them a question.  Well I have to say unless my kids count I did not do this one.  I did not do any personal talking.  The only person I talked to was my husband.  That being said we actually ate cold cereal for breakfast, apples and grapes for snack #1, fettucine with alfredo sauce and small salad for lunch, snack of pretzels and strawberries, and then supper was lasagna with a salad.

Mind/Body Challenge:  One minute vaca.  Yeap never even found time to dream of what I'd like to do if I could do anything.

Make sure to head over to see what Kandi at Gluten Free For Jen.  And you can see what we've been doing on previous days below.

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