Sunday, June 10, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge day 21

Active Challenge:  sit on an exercise ball for 5-10 minutes.  Well I really can say I did not sit much at all yesterday.  My day started out with husband leaving at 5am for a WWII reenactment and the kids actually sleeping in until 7.  Then a phone call at 7:30 saying my goats were out.  So a walk to the cemetary and back to get the goats penned back up.

Exercise Challenge: 
Part 1:  Do 20 minutes of low-medium intensity cardio exercise.  Got that done while getting the goats.  Took us 30 minutes to go there, get them, and lead them home.  So by 8:30 in the morning I was covered!
Part 2:  To do some upper body exercises.  Well, pulling a goat with one arm and pushing a double stroller with the other should count I think.  Otherwise, all I did for arms was carrying laundry up the stairs and hanging it out on the clothesline.  I put two loads in each basket x 12 loads = 6 baskets so six trips up and down the stairs!

Flexibility Challenge:  Lower body stretches.  I did several of these twice yesterday so we're good there.  I need to work more on stretching out my legs to help get back in shape running wise.

Nutritional Challenge:  Make a list of junk foods you eat on a regular basis and find substitutes for at least one.  Well, we don't eat a lot of junk food.  If we do chips they are baked(we love baked tostitos scoops for salsas), we don't do a lot of sodas(when I do I drink a Zevia so no calories or artificial sugars), and we really don't do a lot of sugars.  We do have a bag of m and ms in my freezer that get dipped into occassionally.  I also have 2 different kinds of frozen yogurt in the freezer for when we want an ice cream treat.  We can't do regular ice cream often due to lactose intolerance in several of us.

Meals:  Breakfast- smoothie, morning snack-apples and grapes, lunch-meatballs with lettuce salad, kiwi, and milk, afternoon snack- oranges and strawberries, supper- leftovers(meatballs, lasagna, fettucine alfredo) plus lettuce salad and a few leftover garlic knots(will post recipe this week-super yummy turning hot roll dough into a garlic knot and it was gluten free of course)!

Mind/Body Challenge:  Choose one chore that you've been putting off and spend 5-10 minutes doing it.  The only chore that I can think of that might get put off is hanging clothes up in the closet.  That is something that takes more time than I normally have and only seems to get done once a week.  So I spent a few minutes doing that.  I got the boys done and then had to start supper.

And that was my day yesterday.  Check out my previous days before and make sure to run over and check out Kandi's post at Gluten Free For Jen, she's much better at keeping on top of getting these posts up than me!

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  1. Sounds like you are doing good.. You go girl

  2. You are doing awesome! YOu are my motivation!! Thank you for helping me in my health journey!