Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zevia -Review

Zevia.  All Natural Soda.
Taken from Zevias blog
I recently was given an opportunity to try out a 6 pack of Zevia sodas.  These are all natural sodas sweetened with Stevia.  They do not contain dyes or artificial flavorings.  Big sigh.  I am in love.  Their black cherry is now my all time favorite soda though the grapefruit citrus is a close second and I HATE grapefruit!

You can find Zevia on facebook, Zevia Blog,  Twitter, Their Website, as well as a store near you!  I have found them in the Hy-Vee near us.  I was so tempted to try out their newest flavor strawberry the other day but decided to wait until I run out of my black cherry stash.  Yeap I've already bought a pack of the black cherry through my Azure Standard Coop!!

The six flavors I received were:
------Grapefruit Citrus
------Mountain Zevia
------Black Cherry
------Cream Soda
------Caffeine free Cola

The only one that had caffeine was the Mountain Zevia.  Now onto the sodas!  You can click on the links to view the individual product descriptions on the Zevia website as well as the nutrition information. 

Grape:  This rivalled and surpassed all the grape sodas I had tried in the past.  I had never been a big grape soda person.  It normally gave me indigestion.  This did not.  In fact it was very pleasant and I really liked it.
Grapefruit Citrus:  I was shocked that I really liked this one.  It's my close second favorite.  I do not like grapefruit so I went into this one thinking I wouldn't like it.  Lo and behold I loved it!  Yeap you know they're great if they can make me like grapefruit!
Mountain Zevia:  I have never been a big Mountain Dew fan so didn't think I'd like this.  It was my least favorite.  It had an excellent flavor, just not one that I personally like.  It also contains caffeine.
Black Cherry:  My all time new favorite soda!  I love cherry flavored drinks like cherry pepsi and coke.  This was perfect for me and without the caffeine.  Yes I confess.  I bought some of this soon after trying it.  What can I say it's nice to have a cold soda every once in a while!
Cream Soda:  The cream soda is also a really yummy one.  Very bold flavor.  It also does have a caramel color added to it.  My husband even likes this one and he hates all "artificial" sugars. 
Caffeine Free Cola:  Now the caffeine free cola is colored to look like a normal cola. 

And there you have it!  Zevia is a great soda made in America with no chemicals, no artificial flavors, and no processed sugar!  Highly recommend them!

Stay tuned for my Made In America giveaway event for a chance to win your own multipack of Zevia!

Disclosure: I was provided with this product for a review. I was not compensated other than in the product. This being said, all opinions stated in this review are solely my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. These sound fantastic!! I've never heard of them, but I want to try them, now! lol

  2. They do look yummy, especially the cream soda!

  3. I have actually really been wanting to try this! Thank You for the opportunity!

  4. Like no caffeine except for one flavor!

  5. I would love to try but can't find anywhere near me.

  6. I haven't tried stevia as a sweetener, but I've heard good things. It makes sense to use it in a cola--I'd love to win and try!