Saturday, June 16, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge Day 28

Active Challenge:  To take a break every 30 minutes while watching television to do some exercises.  We don't watch a lot of television so I can honestly say we didn't watch any today!  So I did not have to take a break from that.  I did take some breaks from my cleaning and do some of the exercises. 

Exercise Challenge:  A two parter again today:
Part One: Take 20-30 minutes for some light-medium cardio exercise with any activity of your choice.   I did this today by doing a lot of walking.  Oh and lets not forget the whole pushing a cart with 2 babies inside of it and 4 kids hanging onto it with one hand while rolling a tire to my van with the other!  Yeap I am THAT talented! 
Part Two: Spend 20-30 minutes doing lower body exercises for the Hips Butt & Thighs.  I did a series of reverse crunches, lunges, squats, and jumping rope.  I also did some stair climbing.

Flexibility Challenge:  This focused on stretching out the lower body that we just worked.  I did a lot of toe touching in different angles, far reaching, etc.

Nutritional Challenge:  We were supposed to take a snack calorie quiz to test our knowledge of snack food.   THen we had to do this:
  1. Make a list of the snacks mentioned that are part of your diet.
  2. Write down the calories for each snack.
  3. For any snacks that had more calories than you thought, write down some alternative choices.
  4. Keep this handy for tomorrow's challenge.  

Ok, well I don't normally do much snacking except for fruit and veggies and occassionally pretzels.  Today was a bit different because we did a lot of running around due to my husband having a blown tire on his hay trailer while he was trying to move hay.  So I do have to admit that I had a Snickers today because it was one of the only things in the automotive section at wal-mart that I could eat.  Yeap bad me. Slapping hand.  Tomorrow I will go back to eating my good fruits and veggies.

Mind/Body Challenge:  Take at least 5 minutes to listen to your favorite songs.  Honestly, my favorite has always been and always will be country.  But I don't listen to that in the van with my kids because there are sometimes words and such that I don't want my kids hearing.  So today the kids picked that we listened to Veggie Tales Oh Veggie Where Art Thou cd which is pretty cute.  If you've never heard of it before google it.  Veggie Tales are a Christian cartoon and this cd has old timey songs on it.

We are almost done!  Two more days to go!  Check out my previous posts and make sure to swing over to check up on what Kandi is up to too!

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