Tuesday, June 5, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge -Day 16

Active Challenge:  While watching TV get up every 30 minutes and perform a list of exercises.  First, I don't watch TV.  Second, we really don't have television.  We have a television and we have a DVD player, but no cable or satellite, or anything even close to that.  We do have Netflix and a collection of the kids favorite movies, but even with those we maybe watch a movie once or twice a week.  The television did not go on at all yesterday.  I did do about half of the exercises, but lacked the motivation to do the rest.

Exercise Challenge:  Lower body:  I did squats and lunges.  I did not use weights, but did do these both until my legs ached.  Yes they are still a bit achy today so I guess I was successful in lower body.  I also did an exercise not listed but highly efficient.  You sit in a chair, place a child on each foot(two babies-weighing 20 pounds each) and slowly lift your foot and the baby clinging to your leg and giggling off the floor.  Repeat until you feel like your legs will feel off, baby keeps giggling and saying more so you take a short break and start again!!!

Flexibility Challenge:  Stretching.  I did two sets of stretching yesterday for about 10 minutes each.

Nutrion Challenge:  Measure what you eat.  Honestly, I did not have time to do that!  I ate approximately a cup of cereal with no milk for breakfast, about 1/2 cup of potato salad for lunch, and then ate about 1/2 cup of sutlers beans for supper.  Wasn't feeling the greatest.

Mind/Body Challenge:  This involved total relaxation and honestly I can never achieve that.  The only time I have ever just let my body go and totally relaxed was during labor.  Wierd I know, but God and I worked out some things while I was in labor with each of the kids so I could do it without pain meds.  I didn't even really have a time to myself last night, so didn't really meet this one.

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