Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Conscious Box Review

The most wonderful thing came to me in the mail about a week ago.  This recycled cardboard box full of wonderful things.  It is called the Conscious Box and I would love to share it with you!  Read on to find out what was in it!

You can find them by going to their website, twitter, and facebook!

Next month will be a special box.  The August "back to school"  Conscious Box!  Hurry to order yours as they must be ordered by the 6th of August!  It's going to have delicious, nutritious snacks, some great daily alternatives, and tons of really fun stuff that everyone will enjoy, making it an AWESOME gift for all students, including K-12 and college(don't forget the teachers too)!!  And yes, it's great for students and non students alike, so you can gift it to anyone!  Just remember, you've got to order before the 6th of the month.  This is the only legitimately healthy care package we've seen this year, and they're going fast!

Now onto the wonderful products!!

The BOX!

the box within the box

cute little newsy bits about what was inside the July box

open up and smell the goodness exploding!!
all natural vegan, Natural Face eyeshadow.  Very soft petally pink.  Feels like silk!

organic peppermints.  Very very very good.  I hid these so I don't have to share

very informative about using essential oils.  This is going to come in handy

muscle and joint cream.  This stuff did not smell like medicine and my husband says it works!

sparkling floors anyone?!
powbab= pow wow!  Yum.  There was a bit of a kick of sour towards the end but very yummy

my youngest two babies shared this and kept telling each other mine.  I think they approved!

grr it switched my pic around
This was so yummy.  I think I may need to get a full box of these to keep around.
Loved the sweet and sour ness of this and love the gluten free organic part as well!

Mightly leaf loose leaf tea in a bag.  Very yummy, see below picture for how I used it.

My super yummy glass container of Mightly Leaf Calypso Mango Iced Tea!

I'm not big on drinks that contain the word "protein" but I do have to say this wasn't half bad!

Can I just say I love orange!  I dropped a few drops of this onto my lamp bulb and then turned it on.  Instant aromatherapy and mood lifter!

Yum yum yum, these dessert teas were scrumptious!

coupon and sample of agave nectar-  I have used agave nectar in baking before and liked it.

and last but not least--- coupons!
And there you have what was in the July Conscious Box!  I am in love! 

I received this box so that I could review it.  These opinions are all my own and not influenced by any of the companies contained in the box or the Conscious Box company itself. Pin It Now!

Blankz Review- The Pitch List

I recently received a Blankz in the mail to review.  My kids were thrilled at this!  If you don't know what a Blankz is let me explain.  It is a small soft animal that you can color on with markers and it will WASH off so you can color it again!  So all 8 of my kiddos can each make their own creation on one Blankz!  How cool is that!

for some reason when I upload the picture it is flipping it, but this is our piggy in his box

box telling what's in it
blogger messing with my piggy pictures again

Yeah for instruction sheet being included!

markers, my kids wanted more colors of course, but forgot about that once they got started
while the kids were debating who got to go first I wrote all their names on the pig

pretty piggy

full of all 8 names

do remember to keep him on the drop sheet as you can see from the dots when he fell over he did bleed some
I hope you've enjoyed my short little picture show!  The kids each took a turn later in coloring the pig and have had hours of fun with him!  We're very much in love.  I will say that you do need to make sure and let the marker dry before handling him or he will bleed.  Soap and water with a little friction will get the marker off you and a dining room table. . . not that I had that problem!

Make sure to hop over and enter my giveaway as well!

I was given this product in compensation for the review.  No other compensation was given; however, all views expressed in this post are my own thoughts and opinions. Pin It Now!

Blankz Giveaway- The Pitch List

Welcome to the Blankz Giveaway brought to you by The Pitch List!  You can view my review for Blankz by going HERE!  Please use the rafflecopter below to enter to win your own Blankz!   One winner will randomly be chosen daily for seven days.  Is it your lucky day today?

Also please check out the linky code below the rafflecopter to visit the other blogs from The Pitch List doing this review and giveaway!

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Dayspring Signs Review!!

I received two signs from Dayspring as part of their Outdoor Decor program.  I am in love.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to put up one sign because the ground is so hard I'm afraid I'd break it!  Darn this drought.  It's messing with my beautification projects!

The outdoor sign--inside!

Up close of the sign. 
I really like the verse on this outdoor sign, "Everything beautiful begins with God"  That is very much the truth and something we should try to remember daily.  I think remembering this will help us remember to thank God for the good things in our life and not just remember Him when we need or want something.
I also received a wall hanging small chalkboard.  I've thought of hanging it inside because I don't have an outside porch.  So, I decided it would look good right inside our door.  These pictures show the hanging, but this was before it was hung up.

Cute cute little message board.

Up close of the verse at the top.
"In your presence is fullness of joy."  In God's presence we are filled with joy.  That is true for me.  What about you?  What fills you with joy?

If you liked these check out the rest of the outdoor decor collection over at Dayspring as well as their other great items.  They have everything from jewelry to coffee cups to cards to planners.  You will not be dissapointed!  I must confess I think I may have to get the doormat found HERE!  The Redeemed collection is one of my favorites!

You can find them here:

I was provided with these items in order to write this review.  However, all thoughts and opinions in this post are my own and not influenced in anyway.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Instant Chalkboard Giveaway!

If you remember, I reviewed Instant Chalkboard a bit ago.  I love mine and wanted the chance for you to give them a try too.  Use the rafflecopter below to enter for your chance to win!

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back 2 School Blast!

Welcome to the Back 2 School Blast hosted by Mom Powered Media.

Five lucky winners will each receive one of the following prizes:
  • Laptop Sony Vaio E-Series Laptop
  • $100 American Eagle Gift Card
  • $100 Aeropostale Gift Card
  • $100 Gap Gift Card
  • $100 Target Gift Card
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Fumi Cheetah Patterned Bracelet Purse Hook Giveaway

Enter on the rafflecopter below to win your very own Cheetah Patterned Purse Hanger/Hook/Bracelet!!

You can read my review of the product by going HERE!

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Cheetah Patterned Fumi Bracelet Purse Hanger

I recently received a great little dual purpose bracelet in the mail to try out.  It is a Fumi Bracelet/Purse Hook

I loved the cute package it came in!

Here is the product description from the website, "This Classic FUMI Purse Hook accessorizes your bag in a Cheetah pattern with gold accents, perfect for both casual outfits and purses and wild nights out. The FUMI is made of recycled materials and has a100% recycled rubber pad to grip any surface. The FUMI holds up to 25lbs and has a bypass that ensures it will stay on your handbag straps. Now, it is easy to keep your purse hanging safely in public places such as restrooms, movie theaters, restaurants, sporting events, concerts and more." 

I must admit to not being a huge animal print lover, but this is cute!

I think that sums it up well.  It is a dazzling little accessory for you to wear as  a bracelet but it also comes in handy to hold your purse so you don't have to worry about it.  I know I hate setting my purse down on the floor in a restaurant or in a public restroom.  Think of all the germs!  You then bring that purse home and set it on your kitchen counter or dishwasher or wherever you set it down at.  And now what happens?  All those germs have a new home with you!  This makes those worries go away!  Here you can now hang your purse up without having to worry about all the germs you're coming in contact with!

You can check out their website, twitter, and facebook, as well as purchase your own purse hook by going HERE

Keep your eyes peeled as I will be listing a giveaway soon so you can win one of your own!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Pin It Now!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buy Costume Giveaway -The Pitch List

Welcome to the Buy Costumes Giveaway from the Pitch List.  You can read my review by going HERE!    Also make sure to hop on over  and check out the other reviews from the Pitch List Bloggers.  I've included the linky below the rafflecopter!

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Buy Costume Sheriff Woody Review

I'd like to share my review of a costume from Buy Costumes with you.  Then you can head on over and enter the giveaway I'm participating in with other bloggers from the Pitch List. 

We got the Sheriff Woody Boy Costume.  My boys only had one costume so I thought it would be nice for them to get another one to use for playing dress up.  Didn't want it to be said that they were forced to use the princess dresses.  I will apologize now.  I used the small camera I got for my kids so these pictures aren't the best, but it was close and he was not waiting for me to get my good camera!

excited to be opening the box

Realizing what is in there

showing it off

tried on!

playing shy

My very handsome little sheriff Woody
Now, I love this costume almost as much as Patrick does.  It is made in such a way that all three of my boys, though different ages, can wear it.  Patrick has a small complaint that he can't put his gun in the holster because it is too small and goes through the hole at the bottom.  But, like I said that is a small complaint.  I'm sure he'll find his larger gun and can put it in with no problems.  We got the medium size(size 7-8) because he will turn 6 this fall and is already having to start wearing size 7 jeans.  It was just a bt big, but that way he can wear it for a long time to come!

This was provided to us for free to review; however, this did not affect the outcome of my review.  All opinions expressed in this review are solely mine and those of my childrens, not influenced in anyway. Pin It Now!

Wedded to War- Review

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Wedded to War
• River North; New Edition edition (July 1, 2012)
Jocelyn Green


Jocelyn Green is a child of God, wife and mom living in Cedar Falls, Iowa. She is also an award-winning journalist, author, editor and blogger. Though she has written nonfiction on a variety of topics, her name is most widely recognized for her ministry to military wives: Faith Deployed. Her passion for the military family was fueled by her own experience as a military wife, and by the dozens of interviews she has conducted with members of the military for her articles and books, Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives and its sequel, Faith Deployed...Again: More Daily Encouragement for Military Wives. She is also co-author of both Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq & Afghanistan and Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front (forthcoming, May 2012). Her Faith Deployed Web site and Facebook page continue to provide ongoing support, encouragement and resources for military wives worldwide.


When war erupted, she gave up a life of privilege for a life of significance.
Tending to the army's sick and wounded meant leading a life her mother does not understand and giving up a handsome and approved suitor. Yet Charlotte chooses a life of service over privilege, just as her childhood friend had done when he became a military doctor. She soon discovers that she's combatting more than just the rebellion by becoming a nurse. Will the two men who love her simply stand by and watch as she fights her own battles? Or will their desire for her wage war on her desire to serve God?

Wedded to War is a work of fiction, but the story is inspired by the true life of Civil War nurse Georgeanna Woolsey. Woolsey's letters and journals, written over 150 years ago, offer a thorough look of what pioneering nurses endured. This is the first in the series "Heroines Behind the Lines: Civil War," a collection of novels that highlights the crucial contributions made by women during times of war.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Wedded to War, go HERE.

My thoughts:  I loved this book!  When I first read the description for the book I knew I had to read it.  I'm passionate about the Civil War.  I reenact the Civil War with my family.  I started reenacting 20 years ago with my parents and now my children do it with my husband and me.    This book was wonderful!  It was written from the Union perspective and since I reenact for the Confederacy there were a few things that were a slight bit off, but that was to be expected.  I was impressed with the amount of research that obviously went into the writing of this book.  It was a joy to read and I'm looking forward to finding the ohters that will follow!  I highly recommend this book.

I received a copy of this for free to as part of the CFBA. However, all opinions in this post are mine and not influenced by others. Pin It Now!

Monday, July 23, 2012

My Memories Giveaway! #memories

Welcome to the My Memories Giveaway Hop!  I get to offer up as part of this giveaway a free My Memories Software to one lucky winner!  Enter on the rafflecopter below and then hop around to the other blogs on the linky to enter their giveaways and increase your chances of winning!  This giveaway is brought to you by The Pitch List.

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Back to School: Conscious Box, Healthy Treats


I recently found out about this great monthly box full of healthy treats.  It's called Conscious Box.  You place an order for the box and it's delivered straight to your door.

Here is how Conscious Box describes their back to school box for August! 

        "The August 'Back to School' Conscious Box! It's going to have delicious, nutritious snacks, some great daily alternatives, and tons of other really fun stuff that everyone will enjoy, making it an AWESOME gift for all students, including K-12 and college. And yes, it's great for students and non students alike, so you can gift it to anyone! Just remember, you've got to order before the 6th of the month! This is the only legitimately healthy care package we've seen this year, and they're going fast!"

The Conscious Box is chocked full of good stuff.  You get all natural, pure, sustainable products every month.  I think this is a great idea and can't wait to get to try it out!

You can also connect with Conscious Box on Facebook and Twitter.  The deadline for ordering your August Back to School box is August 6th!

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