Thursday, May 31, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge -Day 11

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You might want to check out Kandi's post for today over at Gluten Free For Jen as I'm sure she's doing better than me right about now!  I have 8 kids all with strep throat so I'm a bit slow!  I did get some exercising done yesterday and have done about a miles worth of animal chasing today, lol, so here you go.  Yesterday was day 11 so here is the layout for it!

Challenge 1:  Active Challenge:  Avoid all elevators, escalators, etc.  Well, I can check that one off.  I did not use any of the above yesterday.  I did take 8 kids to the doctors office and the store by myself so I think I remained active.

Challenge 2:  Exercise Challenge:  I did actually get this is by doing it while I was waiting for the doctors office to call back.  I ran 1.5 miles on my elliptical.  I did 1/2 mile at a medium pace then did 1/2 mile at a full out as fast as I could pace with the last 1/2 mile back to a moderate pace. Yeap I could feel that in my legs when I stretched out.

Challenge 3:  Flexibility Challenge:  I of course did not do the yoga, but I did do several stretches before and after running. 

Challenge 4:  Nutrition Challenge:  Umm well they wanted us to pay attention to what we were eating and the portion sizes.  I normally do this, but yesterday was a horrid day due to the kids and spending 6 hours away from home with the Dr and pharmacy visits.  I had a bowl of cold cereal for breakfast and then didn't manage to eat until 5pm on the drive home where I ate a granola bar.  I made some quick homemade pizzas on crusts that I had frozen before.  And that was my not so healthy meals for the day.

Challenge 5:   Mind/Body Challenge:  Take 5-10 minutes to do one chore you've been procrasinating or putting off doing.  That did not happen.  I do have some cleaning that needs done.  I do a weekly cleaning on a lot of things in my schedule(will do posts on my daily cleanings next week) so there are always things I could do, but I did not take even 2 minutes to go potty by myself yesterday, lol. 

And that is that.  Not the best day for me, but it is what it is when you have 8 sick kids. . . .
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