Monday, June 18, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge Day 30

Today we do nothing.  Wow that sounds so wierd for the last day of a fitness challenge, but today we were supposed to reflect on our journey.  Think about what this challenge meant to us and how we did with it.  For me, I am sad that it is over.  It helped to motivate me to get up and get moving with exercising.  I have known since I was young that your body grows accustomed to the things you normally do, but quite often I found myself saying that what I normally do should be exercise enough.  Yes it might be exercise enough for someone who doesn't do these things, but I do them daily so I need to go above and beyond what I do daily.

I plan on sticking to a regimen for exercising.  I will continue to stretch and try to tone.  My main problem area is my stomach and I really need to get that taken care of.  I have excess skin and a bit more plumpness(ok ok fat) than I'd like which needs to go!!  I still haven't weighed myself, so I can't tell you whether I reached a goal weight or not, but I hope I did!  Even if I didn't I think this challenge was fun and definitely helped me to get back into exercising.

I hope that I get to participate in something like this again and soon!!  So if you know of another exercise challenge coming up don't hesitate to let me know!! Pin It Now!


  1. I am trying to hype myself up to do a 30 day challenge.

  2. If you find anyone fitness challenges share please. I would love to do something like this.