Monday, June 4, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge -Day 15

Active Challenge- Be active for at least 10 minutes today.  Well as a mommy of 8 who's husband didn't get home until after 8pm last night I can definitely say I was active for more than 10 minutes yesterday!

Exercise Challenge- Today the prompt said do nothing, to rest.  Rest is also an important part of an exercise routine so today was a day off!  I accomplished this goal.

Flexibility Challenge- stretch, they gave us a list of stretches to do.  I did part of those and some of my own.  Stretching has been something I do 2-3 times per day with the kids.

Nutrition Challenge- was to check yourself and look over what we've done and how we're doing.  To note what was the hardest and easiest challenges.  The easiest would be eating fruit and veggies with every meal.  THe hardest would be trying new fruits because they are hard to come by and expensive.

Mind/Body Challenge- Take a few minutes to think about what you've done so far in the challenge. Things that have gone well and not gone well.  I'm looking forward to the other half of the challenge.  I'm hoping it will help me feel more toned and feel better.  Losing weight would be a plus as well.  THe other part of this challenge was to make a list of 5 things you'd do to pamper yourself.  I would love to soak in a nice hot bath and read a book from start to finish without lots of little interruptions. 

Make sure to go over and read Kandi's post for the day and see what she's been up to!

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