Monday, August 13, 2012

Woolzies Review and Giveaway -The Pitch List

I raise sheep.  I love wool.  I love Woolzies!  Wool dryer balls to keep static out of clothes and keep clothes soft.  Oh yes in love.  You'll find pictures below of these wonderful things, but let me tell you a bit about them.  I received the box and opened it up to touch the soft little things.  On the box it instructs you to use all the balls in the box in your dryer.  I wanted mine scented a bit, so I divided the balls in half and put lavender essential oil on half and tea tree essential oil on the other half.  Then tossed them in the dryer with my sheets(yeap wanted to have that sweet sleep going on).  When they were done and I opened the dryer it was so wonderful.  Smelled like heaven.  I love lavender.  Slept like a baby on those sheets(with my baby curled up next to me and husband on the other side).

Look at this great ecofriendly product!

Love the little sheep!

Quick and simple instructions.  Got to love those!

Like what you're hearing?  Want a chance of winning your own?  Simply enter on the rafflecopter below and you've got a chance at winning!  Enter on the other blogs in the linky below the rafflecopter and you've got more of a chance of winning!  It's that simple.  Only one winner per household or IP address per "Pitch List" giveaway, so you can't win on my blog and anothers, but entering them all does give you more chances to win!

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