Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fun Times just a Milkin

So I thought I'd share a quick little funny from my night.

My husband has been going out with me when I milk in the evenings since I sprained my ankle last week and bringing my goat down.  I'm only milking one right now.  Well tonight I go out to the barn and am waiting for them to come down.

I hear Yvitra's bell.  She always comes halfway down the hill and stops to wait until I call for her.  She is such a friendly little pet more than a "farm" animal!  So here she comes the rest of the way to jump up on the milk stand and chomp on her grain.

As I'm milking I also have turned on the water to fill the large horse tank with water.  I notice that there are two chickens in the tank.  I think we have suicidal chickens as I've been finding dead chickens in there a lot lately.  My husband pulls those out to take care of them later.

As I'm done milking and go to let Yvitra off the stand I hear my  husband say shh stay still.  He picks up a board  and walks quietly out the door and into the old goat pen.  There I see him calmly whack a possum upside the head.  Yeap this is also an almost everyday occurrence!  We've had trouble with possums and raccoons lately killing our chickens.  At the rate we're going we may not have chickens much longer.

But I wanted to share this quick glimpse into my evening before heading off to bed.  I hope you enjoy a good night's sleep and may God bless you all!

Oh and a picture from today to make you smile!

Fionna running away from me squealing in delight telling me "catch Ona again"
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  1. Awe, I miss the goats! Too bad about your chickens though. :(

  2. Sounds like a sweet goat. I would love to have a few. Hope you have better luck with your chickens.