Thursday, August 2, 2012

Travalo Elite Review Take it with you Perfume!

Learn a bit about Travalo Elite by reading what the company has to say below,

"Travalo Elite ($19.99), holds 5 mL of any favorite fragrance (65 sprays) and is made of light, yet strong aluminum. Suitable for men and women, like all of Travalos products, Travalo Elite is TSA approved and features a clear window to gauge the level of perfume or cologne. Travalo Elite works with any cologne or perfume bottle with a removable nozzle and because of its spill-free internal refill system, no fragrance will be wasted. Each Travalo Elite comes with a lifetime warranty in addition to the following features:
* 98 percent recyclable, environmentally-friendly, lightweight material
* Features a clear window to gauge level of perfume
* Works with removable nozzle bottles
* Available in perfect pink, hot pink, gold and silver
* Spill-free internal refill system; no funnels or other parts
* Holds 65 sprays of perfume or cologne"

the cute little travalo I received

I'm not a huge fan of pink, but I like this.  Notice the little window to show perfume levels
The Travalo Elite is so cute and easy to use.  You simply take the pump top off your perfume bottle, stick the tube into the bottom of the travalo and pump away on the travalo.  You'll see the perfume filling it up through the window. 

You can then take this cute little bottle of perfume everywhere you go!  Oh yes this is a wonderful thing and I'm so happy to have it! 

Besides their website you can find them on facebook and twitter.  Keep your eyes peeled as I'll have a giveaway starting soon!  Also don't forget you can use my code HIM50 to get half off your order!

I was provided with this product for review in coordination with other blogs who are members of the Pitch List.   However, all opinions, thoughts, and pictures are my own.  Pin It Now!


  1. I like that I can see how much of the perfume is left. =)

  2. That is awesome, and thanks for the discount code! We travel a lot and I love finding useful travel gear like this.

  3. Its a perfect size to tuck into my purse!

  4. This is nice! I love that I can take it anywhere and it's TSA-approved! I wouldn't want to bring a big bottle of perfume when I'm traveling!

  5. cute.. love that its small for a purse.

  6. I love how you can see how much is in it, and that it fits your purse.

  7. I love that you can see how much is's perfect for traveling!

  8. That is such a cute size for your bag! Love it!

  9. What a great idea! And purse size. Nice.