Thursday, August 23, 2012

Glass Dharma Glass Straws Review

I recently received some of Glass Dharma's glass straws to try out and have found a new love affair. 

I should start by saying that I hate plastic.  I don't use plastic at all anymore.  I use quart or pint jars for leftovers or I do have a few glass rubbermaids that I use.  I just don't like plastic.  I also don't have a microwave, but that's another story.

Anyway it has been a long time since I've used a straw.  I was very excited to get to use a straw again.  The four I got to try were one for a smoothie, one that is bent, a small child version, and a regular with amber beads(love the beads)!  I also received 2 cleaning brushes.  The brushes are sold separately though.

four straws and two cleaning brushes

again four straws and two brushes

this is the smoothie straw(extra large inside) and brush

see how well the brush cleans it!

the small children's size straw

I just love these pretties on this straw!
I am totally in love and can't wait to be able to get more so the kids can each have one.  My kids hate having to share the one child size straw so we've had to assign each of them a day to have the straw.  Luckily one of the kids hasn't figured out how to use a straw yet so we've got 7 kids for 7 days!

These are dishwasher safe.  So I've been saying kids but they call them sipper size(but they are perfect for kids)!!!  The decorative beads do come in different colors as well so make sure to check those out.  Don't forget to check out their brushes and straw sleeves!  How cute are those!

Want some of your own?  Come back later today and enter to win a  $25 gift card to their store to spend on what you want!

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  1. Wow! Really great straws! The brush is definitely nice for cleaning.

  2. They are attractive. I like them all.

  3. I've never used a glass straw -- they sound interesting.