Sunday, August 19, 2012

BathBlocks Giveaway!

BathBlocks Giveaway Sponsored by Shopping with Les!

Do your kids LOVE BLOCKS?
 If so, then they are definitely going to enjoy BathBlocks. We have blocks all over our family room because someone is always building a castle or house or some great tall tower. When I told my kids that they now have blocks to use in the bath tub, they were THRILLED! Look at how much fun my kids are having with these awesome blocks! They used them both in the bath and our little pool :)


Make sure you add some bubbles to your makes them stick together EVEN BETTER (water works too), and to the tile wall!

Make sure your read FULL REVIEW, and then enter to win a set of BathBlocks for your kids. For more information on BathBlocks, make sure you check out the BathBlocks website.  

I received a set of BathBlocks thanks to Just Think Toys. All of the opinions in the review are solely my own, and I didn’t receive any other compensation for writing the review. For more information please read the Shopping with Les Disclosure Policy.
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  1. My favorite thing about these are that they are all kinds of shapes and sizes unlike the boring rectangle blocks! Thank u!

    Kelsey house

  2. I like their great for all ages of kids!

  3. My favorite is that these toys encourage exploration, reward discovery and empower our children.

  4. I love that they are mildew resistant!

  5. I like that they will help develop creative thinking and spatial development.