Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY Coffeepot Cleaner

Recently my coffee pot quit working.   I was so sad because I start my day with a nice cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee!  I bought some expensive cleaner to use and it didn't help at all.  My pot still wouldn't work.  So then I got to thinking.  What works to clean most everything. . . VINEGAR!!  So, I brought out my gallon jug of vinegar and filled my water reservoir with a half and half mix of vinegar and water. I let this sit for about 2 hours and then I brewed it.

Perfection as my coffeepot actually brewed the whole pot through!  Of course it was vinegar water and not coffee.  But that is a minor detail!  So, I ran another pot of fresh water through.  It worked again!  Instead of it only brewing 2 cups it brewed the whole pot.

I am so happy with my new cleaning product and love that I can enjoy a pot of coffee again!!

I enjoyed my cup of coffee with an Enjoy Life Crunchy Double Chocolate Cookie this morning and was in heaven!

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  1. Yes, vinegar is a wonderful cleaner! I use it all over the house! :) Thanks for sharing and linking up at Simply Helping Him :) Blessings friend!

  2. I love vinegar because it cleans everything and without harsh chemicals. It's about time we run some vinegar through our coffee maker too!