Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Everyday Family- It's Breastfeeding Week!

If you haven't been seeing all the posts and don't know yet. . . it's breastfeeding week!  If you also haven't paid attention to my posts here, I am a breastfeeding mommy.  My youngest is 21 months and still nursing.  People ask me a lot if they would have troubles getting pregnant while breastfeeding.  I personally have gotten pregnant while breastfeeding twice.  It happens.  Just because you are breastfeeding does not mean you can't get pregnant.

Having said that I think I should clarify here that I am NOT pregnant while I'm writing this.  Just sharing some knowledge with everyone.  If you have any breastfeeding questions don't hesitate to send them my way.  I have breastfed four babies  and have also pumped and donated breastmilk to three little ones born from another mother.  It doesn't matter to me if I gave birth to that child, I believe that they all should have a chance for some good for you mother's milk.  Just my two cents to add to breastfeeding week!

Oh and I should also clarify that this is a sponsored post and that I am being paid for this post.  However, I also need to clarify that this content is all my own, thought up in my little brain and typed down by my not so little fingers!  Yeap I'm in a clarification mode, sorry. 

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