Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chebe Review @Chebe_Bread

I received in the mail to review a box with Chebe mixes in it.  I received 2 Garlic-Onion Breadstick Mixes, 2 Focaccia Bread Mixes, and two Cinnamon Roll Mixes.  This was like opening a Christmas package!  I also had on  hand one of the Pizza Crust mixes so including it in here as a bit of a bonus.  These mixes are all free of gluten, soy, dairy, and so much more.  I love these things!  Take a peek below to see how I used these and also check out some recipes I used them in.  I used the cinnamon roll to make some Peach Tarts and the Breadstick mix to make a very yummy Veggie Pizza!


the kids helped me shape these

but don't they look good ready for the oven

and tada they're done!
These breadsticks are so good they're addicting!  Seriously oh my goodness they were wonderful!  I even dipped one of mine in a sour cream ranch dip and it was good.  Must have to go with any Italian dishes you might be making!
Focaccia Bread
You take the mix add olive oil, eggs, and milk and tada mix it up

all mixed up and pushed in the baking dish

oops forgot to show you the box

added some olive oil and Italian seasonings to the top

baked goodness
We ate this bread with our spaghetti and it was so good.  The only problem was that it wasn't enough!  With a family of 10 people, those slices were awfully small!  The flavor was great and the Italian seasonings on top went perfectly with my homemade spaghetti sauce.
Cinnamon Roll
yummy looking dough


roll the dough out

butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon to make the filling

rolled up ready to cut

in the pan ready for the oven

and they're done
Oh my goodness.  These cinnamon rolls were gorgeous.  They looked good, they tasted even better!  They were the best warm but even after they cooled they were still very good.  Needless to say these did not stay around long and we actually had to use them for a birthday dessert because this is what she wanted.  I even placed a few candles on one!
Pizza Crust
in the pan with some holes to keep it from bubbling

homemade pizza sauce on top

and this is the finished product

I have this horrible problem with making pizzas so that you have to use a fork to eat them, but they taste oh so good!   My family loves pizza and these crust mixes are just the thing for when I'm in a hurry and need a quick crust!

Wonder where you can get some of these great mixes?  You can order them online through Amazon or find them in your local stores that carry gluten free products.  You can connect with Chebe by following on Facebook, twitter, and visiting their website

Chebe's cheese bread is inspired by a Brazilian bread called pao de queijo.  The founder met his wife in Brazil and brought a love for this bread home with him.  From this an amazing product was born.  Chebe was not originally marketed as gluten free, though it was.  Once people found out that this great product was gluten free a demand grew but it wasn't until his wife began to have severe gluten intolerane that it began to be marketted as a gluten free and allergy product.  They made their goal making it easier for people with allergies to find great things to eat.  I personally know that this product is unique and wonderful and will continue to use it.

An interesting tidbit is that they are out of Spirit Lake, IA which is a neighboring state to me!  Maybe someday we can go visit their factory for a school field trip.

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I was furnished with these mixes for the review.  However, this review contains only my opinions and thought which were not influenced in any way.  Pin It Now!


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  2. New follower! That all looks so amazing! Is there a way to make the stuff without eggs as well?

    1. I think you could use egg replacer instead of egg in these. I've heard that a flax surry(ground flax meal and water) works in place but not sure as haven't tried it.

  3. These look so good, and easy to make :)