Thursday, August 16, 2012

MommySoup Cloth Diaper Review

When I was approached by a fan on facebook about reviewing one of her cloth diapers, I was ecstatic!  I mean who doesn't like a free cloth diaper!  And then it arrived.  Oh my can we say cute!  I had asked for a gender neutral print because almost all of the ones we have are girly.  This diaper uses snaps(which I prefer to aplix) and is a pocket.  Now, I do love my fitteds for Fionna, but Zyera does great with pockets so this one went to her.  Along with the pocket diaper came two inserts.  One large and one small.  Here is how I used it.  For daytime use I would stuff the pocket with the large insert.  For night time use I would stuff with the large and then place the small on top of the cover so it was next to baby.  At night time I also added a fleece cover as it is not waterproof.  During the day I forgot the fleece and she did wet through, but not soaked so it wasn't a problem. 

You can check out MommySoup for yourself on facebook and Etsy

the cover

inserts- and I must note this is a unique design that I haven't seen anywhere else before

inside of cover

all snapped up

I put it on the 2nd rise option.  You can make the rise one size smaller or larger than this as well

Look at that fit!  And this is with both inserts in so this shows how it is really not bulky!

We love this diaper!  The fit is great and she can wear it for a while with the rise snaps.  I love that it is not super bulky when you put both inserts in it.  That is one thing I try to avoid because it can't be comfortable to have a huge bulk on your bottom!

So if you're in the market for a great cloth diaper make sure to check out MommySoup on facebook and Etsy!! Pin It Now!

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