Tuesday, August 7, 2012

End of our Summer Fun

Back to school is fast approaching.  My kids will be starting their homeschool work mid week next week.  So in preparation for scheduled days ahead we decided to have a summer fling!

Here is our fling.  We hooked up a sprinkler and went to town playing in the water!  My kids loved it!  My dog loved it!  I also got soaked!  The only way the babies would get in the water was if I was holding them!  It was such fun.  I hope these pictures give you a smile and a chuckle maybe because they do me!

our German Shepherd attacking the water

what can you say?  He loves it!

Fionna did not want to get wet.

Yes Colin has his swim shorts on backwards!

Lucas jumping over the sprinkler

Zyera not wanting to go in the water

Love this face!

Audry had to jump over it too

why yes my Colin is drinking out of the sprinkler

Fionna hiding from the water
Fionna and Colin's toes in the mud after we turned off the sprinkler.
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