Thursday, August 16, 2012

Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush

My oldest daughter has always hated to have her hair brushed.  She easily gets tangles and has a tender sensitive head that cannot stand any pulling.  This of course has led to quite a bit of trauma for us as she would run away when you would try to brush her hair or scream and cry while brushing.  We had talked about cutting her hair so that it wasn't so hard to take care of, but she did not want that.  We were running out of options though.

That is until we discovered the Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush!  My daughter loves this brush.  Her hair is now tangle free and you can find her brushing her hair 3 or 4 times a day!  She loves to brush her hair now and is all smiles while she does so.  I can honestly say that this brush has saved us hours of heartache and more tears than we can count.

Want to find our more about the Smoobee hairbrush?  Simply check out their facebook, twitter, and website.  The brush comes in various colors so you can choose what color fits your girl the best.  We were very lucky in that the brush that was randomly sent to us to review was purple which is also my daughters favorite color!

The brush is made out of wood which makes it very sturdy.  I love that.  We have gone through many brushes in our house because they get dropped or something happens and the handle snaps off.  It has always been a frustration to me.  But this is a good thick wood so I am very hopeful that it will last a long time.  And if it doesn't, that's ok too because Smoobie offers a lifetime warranty on their brushes.  That's right no questions asked. 100% refund and lifetime warranty.  Right now they are also offering free shipping if you buy 2 or more brushes.

But stay tuned as you will be getting a chance to win your very own Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush!  They have been generous enough to allow me to do a giveaway as well as the review so stay tuned it will be coming up shortly!

our new Smoobee brush in purple

pretty little crown to show all girls are princesses

say goodbye to the plastic

and hello to smiles while brushing their own hair!

I was provided with the brush as compensation for this review. 
However, all views and opinions expressed in their review are my own and not influenced in any way. 
I would not give a favorable review to something that we did not like or approve of.
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  1. I lifetime warranty is awesome!

  2. I wish someone had thought of this when I was a kid! My hair is usually very long and still tangles easily.

  3. Wow, this seems like a really great brush! Definitely way better than the one I use now.