Saturday, March 31, 2012


I just finished sending off part #1 for a guest series I'm doing on a fellow blog.  Don't worry, I'll share with you once it's live.  Hopefully on Monday it will be up and going.

I've had a fun day at home playing with the kids.  Two of the kids got down and dirty in a mud puddle today.  They had a ton of fun and it was good for them.  All are quietly sleeping now so I'm trying to get a few things done.  Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to watch a movie or make some posts on here.  Oh decisions decisions.

I do know that before I do either of those choices I am going to list a giveaway.  I will let it run for a week.  This giveaway is in appreciation of all my facebook fans who have helped me to reach over 150 fans within 10 days of starting my page!  I am so excited for this!  Thanks everyone!

My little Princess Fionna right before I carried her in for her bath.  Her hair took 2 shampooings and she doesn't even have much hair!

Ornery child Colin who was the mastermind behind the mud.  He kept "cleaning" all the toys with the mud water. 

I love these ornery children and am so glad to call them mine!  I hope someday they remember that Mommy wasn't afraid to let them have fun and get dirty!  It is so good for them to let them be creative and have fun.
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