Thursday, March 29, 2012

Poor Kitty

The Sassy Miss Kitty
Today has been a busy day of trying to get things done and also having to take one little one up to the doctor for a check up.  This evening as I was sitting down to relax it occurred to me that I hadn't seen our kitty in a bit.  Miss Kitty is not the kind of kitty that lets you forget she's in the house either.  She is the Queen of the home and makes the dogs do her bidding.  Yeap, she's one of those diva cats.

So, anyway, it was unusual for her to not be annoying me so I went in search of her.  It was then that I noticed my lovely kids had opened the window that had a large hole in the screen(hole curtesy of children and a screwdriver--you really don't want to know) and I knew where my cat was.  She had gone through that hole.  So outside I go and am walking around the yard going "here Miss Kitty, come here kitty kitty".  I walk all the way around the house.  There the silly cat is sitting by the door calmly staring down the two outside dogs waiting for me to let her in.  She prances in through the door and past the inside dogs with her usual attitude.

Yeap, never a dull moment in this house.  Even the animals make sure of that!

Picture taken by Isabella Grey over at Just Another Static Heart.

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  1. My passion is cats. They drive you crazy but you can't help loving them!