Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Doctor Visit

It seems that sickness is not ready to leave our house.  I had to take our one well child and a few others to the doctor today.  I can now say all 8 of the kids are on antibiotics, some on two different medicines now.  Patrick held out for a full week, but now has succumbed to the sickness. . . . but now it's a different sickness!  It seems that we are now going to be passing along the achy body/respiratory flu.  Yeah and joy--sorry a bit sarcastic as I'm tired right now.  Poor Mariah also seems to have pink eye now as well.  Our big hope and prayer is that Daddy and I can manage not to get sick with all this.  So far we've made it without getting strep throat so there is hope!

Stay tuned as this weekend I will be reviewing some products from Primp My Cupcake a cute little boutique offering a great variety of gluten free goodies.

I will also be doing a review for the bundle of goodies we received as part of the Toss Your Toaster Giveaway done by Kinnikinnick.  We won a box of goodies through this and received it a few days before taking Patrick to the hospital.  The buns were eaten while we were gone, but we did get to taste some of the bread and loved it!

Also stay tuned for the first giveaway I'll be doing as part of a giveaway blog hop this month.  I'm super excited to get to try this new make up line that is gluten free/vegan and also pigmented with fruit!  Here's a sneak peak of what I'm supposed to be getting!
Picture of Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette

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  1. Sick kids are the pits , I know. My 2 little ones had that 48 hour flu just last week. Water, crackers and Prayer goes a long way in getting well, trust me on this. You and your brood are in my prayers! Congrats on hosting your First Giveaway,be careful though... Giving is contagious & addictive! :-)

  2. Kids thankfully seem to be feeling better. . . or maybe not so thankfully. Now they have energy to get into things but still have the grumpies and whinies from being sick!