Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring's Renewal- Review

Spring's Renewal, Seasons of Sugarcreek Series #2   -     
        By: Shelley Shepard Gray
Spring's Renewal by Shelley Shepard Gray The second book in the Seasons of Sugarcreek Series

Description (CBD): Scarred from a fire when she was small, Clara has resigned herself to living alone and caring for her mother. Believing that no man will be able to see past her scars, Clara has taken up teaching to support herself and her mother. When Tim Graber arrives in Sugarcreek, he doesn't fit in. But everything changes when he meets Clara. He appreciates her quiet nature and her loving way with children. When tragedy strikes, will Tim and Clara have the faith to risk everything for a chance at true love?

My View:  I was humbled by this book.  The character of Clara has so much strength and is such a truly inspirational character.  To read about her faith and how well she deals with the hand life dealt her.  She does not have any anger with God for what befell her but instead is a great role model.  But enough before I give away what happens in the book, you must pick up a copy and read it.

You can find my review of the first book in the series Winter's Awakening by going here.  I look forward to reading the third book in this series soon! Pin It Now!

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