Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Blue and Gray Christmas- Review

A Blue & Gray Christmas   -     
        By: Vickie McDonough, Lauralee Bliss, Tamela Hancock Murray, Carrie Turansky
A Blue and Gray Christmas is a compilation of stories by Vickie McDonough, Lauralee Bliss, Tamela Hancock Murray, and Carrie Turansky.

Description (CBD):  Surrender yourself to the forces of love in four engaging Civil War Christmas romances. Join up with Leah Woods as she searches for her missing fianci in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Stick to your guns with Arabella Lambert as she pledges her allegiance to pacifist Barry Birch, a man labeled a coward. Ride out the storm with Rachel Thornton as she resists her attraction to the wounded artist James Galloway. Saddle up with Confederate-born Hannah McIntosh as she falls for Chris Haley, an embittered Union soldier. Can these couples forge an everlasting union in the tide of civil war?

My View:  Ok, so we all know that I really love the Civil War.  Well, I like history in general but especially the Civil War time period.  So when I saw this book was on super sale I had to pick it up.  I was not dissapointed.  It was a great read.  There are four short stories in this one book.  All four books were well written and captivating and I'll be sure to keep my eyes open for more from these authors. Pin It Now!

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