Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quiet at last

Ahh, quiet at last reigns in my house.  I'm sitting in a comfy chair, my cat laying on the back of the chair purring in my ear, the distant soft sounds of Beethoven coming from the boys room are trying to lull me to sleep.  But I can't go to bed yet, my husband has recently switched to working a 3-11 shift so I'm waiting up for him.  I don't sleep well when he's not here so rather than lay in bed awake I thought I'd pop in and share some thoughts from my day.  I also of course have some cute photos of kids to share!

Today was an ok day.  Not horrible but not great either.  The kids aren't quite sure about having daddy home in the day time and gone at night time yet so they were acting out a bit.  My 5 year old boy who had surgery was complaining of pain this evening a bit too and was out of sorts all day.  Hoping that he's just having some healing pains and will be right as rain when he wakes up.  Fionna was a bit of a pill today too, but in the cute little toddler way.  She was into everything!  Her favorite thing to do is to get some crayons, some paper and climb onto the dining room table to sit and color. . . .   Yeap heart attacks for mommy.  She also likes to stand on a stool on her tiptoes so she can try to reach things.  This little girl has no fear.  Now for the pictures to illustrate this!

Yes I dressed them alike. . . and they looked super cute too!

The lighting isn't the best but I loved this pose!
And lastly the melt your heart smile.

These were all taken Sunday after church while the older kids were outside playing.  I was fixing lunch and Daddy was doing some work outside so the babies had to stay in the house.  They had to find some way to be included in the fun!

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  1. Your kids are cute! My husband has been home more in the day too and my kids love it!

    I'm stopping by from the Alexa Hop :)

  2. I love that they are dressed alike! Adorable!