Saturday, March 17, 2012

Virginia Hearts-Review

Virginia Hearts: Three Modern Couples Find Love Along Unexpected Avenues

Virginia Hearts by Tamela Hancock Murray--three modern couples find love along unexpected avenues--three books in one

Description (Goodreads)Sometimes love is hard to see, even when it's standing right in front of you. Joelle Jamison recruits childhood friend Dean Nichols to help her find Mr. Right, but Dean has loved her all her life. Love is not in Lexie Zoltan's plans after losing her husband. An old flame tries to change her mind until he discovers she has a four-year-old daughter. Reece Parker is also a single parent, and Aunt Agnes's inheritance would help. It's out of reach, though, unless he can follow the clues in her will, which might lead to an even more precious treasure.

My Views:  Yeap, I loved this book too.  I don't tend to stray from things I like, and I have enjoyed all the books I have read by this author before.  This book was no exception.   Love and romance fill the air in these books.  And lots of laughs as well.  I especially liked reading about Joelle and her series of blind dates!

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  1. Sounds like a really good book, will have to check out this author. You have a lovely family! I am your newest follower on GFC. following from Week Long Hop. Hope you will follow me back! Have a wonderful week.