Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chasing the Sun-Review

Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun by Tracie Peterson, is the first in a new series called Land of the Lone Star. 

This book is about a young girl, Hannah, who moved to Texas from Vicksburg at the start of the Civil War due to the death of her stepmother in childbirth.  She takes on raising her two halfsiblings(one only days old) and follows her father to their new ranch in Texas.  The key to this though is that the ranch is given to them because of her fathers ties to the Confederacy and the fact that the owners of the ranch went off to fight for the Union.

The suspense arrives when Hannah's father dissapears on his way to her grandmother in Vicksburg and the son of the owner of the ranch arrives home wounded from the war ready to take back his farm!

As always Tracie Peterson delivers a great novel.  I loved it.  Kept you wanting more and not wanting to put the book down.  I read this in one sitting while my kids were sick and I was up all night cuddling them so they'd sleep.  I have to say the twists and turns make this book wonderful and I fully recommend it! Pin It Now!


  1. I think i will read this book, it sounds great, thanks for the review

  2. great book review thanks for sharing

  3. I love historical fiction. This sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for the review.

    fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski

  4. Sounds like a great read. I see if I can find it on Amazon! I don't think I have read anything by this author yet.

  5. Sounds so interesting, and different from what I usually read (heavy non-fiction including biographies). Maybe I'll give it a shot...