Friday, March 30, 2012

Ups and Downs

Today has been a fairly good day.  It started off not so nice with Patrick falling out of his bed at 5am.  Bump on his back and bump on his head, but all boy so he's ok.  Got a phone call early from my Mom saying her plans had changed and asking if we wanted to go to the zoo today.  Of course we did!

So, got kids up dressed, fed, and out the door into the van.  Off to the zoo we went.  We were at the zoo for 6 hours looking at everything.  I think I took around 400 pictures!  Going to have to go through them and see how they turned out.

Now the bad of the day was that I woke up with a migraine and it still is hanging on, so I'm not going to be doing much posting tonight.  I'm getting off to go take my migraine medicine and go to bed.  Hope you all have a good night and here's to being back and going strong in the morning!

Taken right before we left the zoo.
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  1. What a cute blog. How do you find time to blog with all those kids? Visiting from the FNF hop and followed you w/FNB! Come visit me:)