Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Blur

My life these past few days seems to be a blur.  Let me correct myself, its been quite the past week really.  My husband is preparing to go to a national Civil War Reenactment and will be gone for a week.  So, we are quite busy around here getting him ready to go.  We have also had friends come and stay with us to help get the horses in shape for their part of the reenactment.

My husband is a cavalry commander and supplies mounts for several of our troopers.   He will be taking four horses of our with him, but they shall be in a semi trailer along with all the other horses in our cavalry brigade.  I must boast a bit here and say that he is taking one of my horses, a beautiful gray named Suzie Q(well her papers say her name is Lucy Scotchette, but that is another story)!

So I'm sorry that I haven't been posting my devotionals as I do them, but I promise to get caught up while he is away for his week.  I hope to have other interesting articles to put up.  I've been working on several posts about some units we've done in our little homeschool.  We have already done the 10 commandments and the days of creation.  Right now we are doing a short study on Easter that I can't wait to share.  If I could only get all that we do put down on paper it would help. 

I am a scheduler.  I like to have things on a schedule, but with my husbands change of shifts for work and this trying to get ready for an event, my schedule has gone out the window.  I am trying my best to get everything back to rights, so please stay with me!

My first guest post in a series of several for another blog is scheduled for Monday, so look for my post to direct you over to her blog.  I will be guest posting on eco friendly things such as cloth diapers, cloth mama pads and nursing pads.  I will also include some other things of interest to me.  I hope you'll enjoy hopping over to her blog to read my posts.

On a last note I have to share this picture of our youngest.  Her shirt just says it all!  Add in that look on her face and it's  a priceless moment and reminds me why schedules are my guide, but also why they often take a back seat to having fun with my babies. . . . .like our morning of playing in the mud.

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