Thursday, March 15, 2012


So I got a great item for review in the mail today.  A LillaRose Flexi Clip.  I tried it on today and think I'm going to love it.  Reveiw coming soon so keep watch.  Mine is an extra large, but they offer sizes from mini to mega. 

This is the clip I got.  I'm in love with the design.

I also received an email today that I have been chosen to receive a free movie pass to go see Kirk Cameron's new movie Monumental.  It looks like a good one!  The downside is that it's for while my husband will be gone so I'll have to go by myself.  I have never in all my 26 years gone to a movie by myself so this will be a new experience!  Maybe I'll splurge and eat some popcorn. . . or not, lol, will depend on if they can guarantee me it's gluten free.

And the last goody of the day to make it so nice.  I received a free Schick razor in the mail to try out.  Not released in stores yet.  Oh and it's a nice girly purple.  Now sitting and waiting on my husband to get home from work so we can go to sleep. 
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  1. Izzy they have more Celtic designs too. Better check them out!