Friday, March 16, 2012

Primp My Cupcake Review! Part 1

Here is the cute little package I got.  For this review I used the grease proof liners, rainbow sanding sugar, icing tip and baggies.

I am in love.  That says it all for these products.  I was lucky enough to get to try some of these and am hooked.  I know where I will be buying my cupcake products from now on! 

One of the things that I found with gluten free baking was that my cupcakes always stuck to the cupcake liners.  Not just a little bit, but you'd lose half the cupcake to the liner!  So, the greaseproof liners over at Primp My Cupcake were something I really wanted to try.  And the verdict is. . . .wonderful!  They really are what they claim.  No sticking allowed!  Every cupcake from this batch was eaten(hey what do you expect with 8 kids!) and none of the wrappers stuck.  We made Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes that were delicous as well.

Want to know the best thing about Primp My Cupcake?  They are gluten free!  They are also free of several other allergens and provide you with a great spreadsheet on whether or not each product contains the top allergens(can be found here). 

The kids have decided that we need to make Easter egg basket cupcakes to use the rest of our cupcake supplies so keep a look out for review part 2! 

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The products I used for this review are:
Rainbow Sanding Sugar
Blue Polka Dot Cupcake Liners
Extra Large Star Pastry Tip
Disposable Pastry Bag

Doesn't that just look yummy!?

Look, no cupcake left on the wrapper=more to eat.  Yummy!

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