Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Have you heard about the new bills that the government is wanting to pass to control/censor our internet experiences?  I hadn't until today(don't judge I don't have TV and don't listen to the radio, lol).  I saw some people talking about it on facebook and decided to look into it.  This definitely does not sound like something we want our government to do.

I found a fellow blogger who summed it up very well and you can read that post here.  This will affect all of us and our freedom of speech. 

A lot of sites will go "dark" from midnight tonight until noon tomorrow.  I don't know how to do that with this blog as I'm not technically minded, but I won't be posting during that time as my own little protest.  You can also contact your local representatives to voice your opinion by going to this site.

Going to this site will show you a way to make your website go black for the day.  It also shows  a list of some of the known participants.

Here is an small blurb by google as well as a petition.

There are also going to be protestors on the ground meeting and protesting to the congressmen and women.  Hopefully we can make an impact and this bill will NOT get passed. Pin It Now!

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