Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GMO Bill

How do you feel about GMO's?  Do you even know what they are?  A GMO is a genetically modified organism.  So, basically its something that we, the humans, have messed with and manipulated it's DNA to make it bigger or better or more resilient, etc.  My concern is that we have no idea what these GMO's are going to do to us later on for ingesting them in our bodies.  I am not a fan of GMO's.  I am not a fan of genetically modifying anything.  I am not an expert on them at all, but I do have my own opinions about them.  I try my best to not buy anything that has been genetically modified or may contain GMO's.  To learn more about GMO's you can go here to Wikipedia. 

I recently came across a petition to petition our representatives to put across a Bill that would make it so that manufacturers had to label their foods containing GMO's.  My state sadly was not on the list for having already introduced such a bill.  There are 14 states on this list.  To view the list and send an email to your representatives go here. Pin It Now!


  1. I wish more folks would care about gmo's. I wish Monsanto would give it a rest.

  2. GMO's are all about greed! Monsanto to be exact. They modify the corn with the pesticides in it so the bugs don't eat it and expect us to. They modify them to be roundup ready so that the farmers can spray all of those poisonous chemicles on them to kill the weeds and they will still be growing. Farmers in India have been comitting suicide at an alarming rate because of crop failure that GMO's have created. Monsanto and other GMO companies are suing farmers when the GMO gets cross contaminated into their farms! There has been studies that show mice with stomach lesions from GMOs and poor health and problems with farm animals that eat it. This is not good and I won't eat corn and soy anymore. It's a shame there is only 14 states out of 50 with a pending bill. When are people going to wake up!?

  3. I protest GMO seed companies by not purchasing any of their products. I only buy heirloom seeds from companies that I have researched and believe in. Even if I'm growing food in my own garden....and it is full of GMO and other unhealthy and I are not eating healthy. Please continue to spread the word. Thank You very much for this review. BL