Tuesday, January 31, 2012

God's Blessings

Today I spent a lot of time in reflection over the last 7 years since it was my daughters birthday and she turned seven.  So much has happened in those years.  It got me to thinking, how much of all that has happened have I stopped to thank God for?  How many times have I really said "Thank you God"?  Oh yes of course we pray before meals and at bedtime,etc, but we're to pray without ceasing.  I do a lot of praying, but today I was really thinking about how many thankful prayers have I sent to God over the years.  I'm sure whatever the number it's only a small fraction of what it should be.  So I'm going to list a few thankfuls here.

God has blessed me abundantly.  Today here are a few of the blessings I saw and thanked God for.  I am going to consciously try to remember to thank God throughout my days for all the blessings He pours forth on us.  What about you?  What blessings has God given you lately?  Even when everything seems dark around us, there is a blessing waiting to be found.

My ornery curious baby girl who knows no fear.

The sweet smiles and squeals of joy of babies swinging.

Children at play.

A girl so full of life that God has given me the privilige of mothering. Pin It Now!


  1. life is much sweeter with an attitude of gratitude! and it is easy to count out blessings if we stop and think for a moment!!!
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  2. I love your since of graditude for your daughter and the moments that you have spent with her through the years. You must be a great Mom!
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  3. Love your Blog! I am a mother to 5 going on 6 children and raising them all in Christ. I am now following you from WBC and I hope you can follow me back. God bless.

  4. I am following you back Rashida and I love your blog as well. Keep up the great work!

  5. Great Blog. Love the background. Following you from WBC.

  6. So true that we often lose sight of the blessings right in front of our noses. I started participating in the Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts challenge this year because my husband and I just went through a three year bout of unemployment and it was all too easy to only focus on the frustrating moments and the fear. When in reality, we had so many reasons to be grateful. God blessed us abundantly throughout that three years and He carried us so we were able to survive. Once I recognized that life has become so much more meaningful than it used to be. Now I see the beauty in every little moment.

    Blessings to you!

  7. Truly you are blessed! Beautiful child.

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  8. I try to thank God every day for what He has given me. Not just for my children and husband, but for the home we have, the food we eat, and allowing us to make ends meet each week when I think there is not enough money to get through. Thanks be to God!
    Sam Herrmann