Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gluten Freedom Giveaway's Part II-Updated

Here's the start of the second half of giveaways from Gluten Freedom.  Make sure to go to her site to enter these great giveaways.  Read each one to find out how to enter to win these great products. 

Head on over to Gluten Freedom for the latest giveaway!  Jenise's Jammers are giving away a Jammers bar to 5 lucky winners!  Open worldwide so get those entries in.  Giveaway will end on the 26th so make sure you enter soon.  You can check out all the varieties of the Jammers and learn more by going here!

Today another giveaway was added for GoPicnic.  This is a unique company who makes a meal in a box perfect for taking with you on a picnic. . . AND they have gluten free options too!  Enter the giveaway to win your choice of two products.  They have a gluten free sample pack that has one each of all 6 of their gluten free picnic options.  Or  they also have two gluten free salad options that look really good as well.
Bonus Entries into the giveaway of your choice can be gained here by simply entering all the giveaways and answering two questions.  One:  what giveaway do you want your 5(yes 5) extra entries added to.  Two:  what food were you shocked to find out it was gluten free.  For me it was finding out that Doritos for the most part were gluten free.  I believe there are only two flavors, the Nacho Cheese and the Spicy Sweet Chili are the only two that contain gluten.  My favorite are the Cooler Ranch so it was nice to see that I could still have them as my treat occassionally!

The name for this next giveaway benefactor makes me giggle!  Hippie Cakes is giving away a huge basket filled with their products that are gluten free.  They also can cater to other allergies and remove diary, casein, soy, nut, etc!  What an awesome company! They are based out of New Hampshire.  I have never tried any of their products but they sound wonderful to me.
I found myself looking in my refrigerator the other day wondering what to do with all of my bags of gluten free flours.  All of my open bags each are individually sealed into a gallon ziploc to ensure that they don't spill all over if they should happen to fall out of the door.  I decided I needed to get canisters.  I am still on the search for the perfect canister that will fit in my fridge door, but search no more for the perfect labels!  This next giveaway is for a set of Chris Reth Design labels!  You can customize them to remove flours you don't use and add those you do.                                                                        

This giveaway is for a gluten free weight loss shake.  I have never tried any weight loss drugs/supplements/shakes, so I can't say if they work or not, but it is nice to have the option in gluten free if I wanted to use them.  Body by Vi is giving away a $49 kit which is one shake a day for 30 days.               
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  1. What I find funny about Dorito's is that the original Nacho Cheese Dorito's are not gluten free but yet the Spicy Nacho Cheese ones are... That one made me laugh.

  2. Don't forget the baked Nacho Cheese ones are also gluten free! That's what I don't get, lol. Regular are gluten filled and baked are gluten free!