Friday, January 20, 2012

My Day

Today was a fun day for us around here, well fun for the most part.  Kids got up early as per normal(they seem to think they must be up by 6am).  We had breakfast and started in on our school.  For those who don't know I homeschool my tribe of monkeys(oops I mean my wonderful children)!  So there I am working on teaching and I start hearing my youngest boys Woody doll talking.  I know Colin isn't playing with it as he's sitting her by me working on tracing shapes.  I glance in the corner and this is what I see!
Yeap that would be my baby.  She took everybody's coats off their hooks, made a nice bed and laid down to play with brother's Woody.  She loves that pull string doll!

After school we had lunch and I started to get ready to take my oldest boy to the doctor for an ear ache.  I hear a noise in the bathroom and go to check it out.  Seems my youngest son decided he needed to clean the bathroom floor, toilet, and counters with Windex.  He also thought baby sister might need some as hair gel. . . . So as I'm cleaning up this mess I look up to see my little brother in the bathroom doorway.  This may not strike you as odd, but I have a huge German Shepherd guard dog who normally barks like he's going to tear you limb from limb when you so much as pull into our drive.  Not a peep out of him. . . . .

So for the next two hours my gets become super hyper and bouncy playing with their uncle.  Take Patrick to the Dr to find he has swimmers ear in one ear.  Really?  Who gets swimmers ear in the middle of winter?  This is the kid who washes his hair in such a way that no water ever goes into his ears.  So now ear drops for that one.

Leftovers for supper.  We had the leftover Kielbasa Casserole with leftover Crockpot Baked Apples.  The apples are just as good cold as they are warm. 

During supper Daddy reads to the kids.  We are working our way through The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis currently.  Tonight we are in the book of The Magician's Nephew and are reading about how the lion Aslan creates Narnia through song.  Our oldest Bridgett explained to us without being asked how Aslan is like God because of the creation.  She did a great job of comparing and contrasting the two but was a bit upset that C.S. Lewis took liberties and had the lion sing instead of speak.  It was very cute to hear her but also awe inspiring.  As it is said "out of the mouths of babes" and that "we should be like children".  Children understand more than we give them credit for.

And now the last funny for the day.  As we are supervising and trying to get all 8 of the little monsters into bed(I call them this lovingly of course), my husband comes around the corner for a good laugh.  Being the mommy that I am I grab the camera and go around the corner to see what is going on.  I find my youngest son wearing his sisters tights over the top of his jeans.  I did take a few pictures but they don't seem to want to load so will share those later.  He really was quite proud of himself, lol.  Very cute and I know why Daddy had to go hide to laugh.

My kids are my joy.  I love every minute of them.  Sometimes they frustrate me.  That's normal and a part of them growing up.  They show me daily what love is and how to give without holding back.  Pin It Now!

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