Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Weekend

My weekend was very busy around here.  Had a set of twin goat kids born Friday evening.  They seemed to be doing well that night.  Had to get up a couple times during the night to go out and feed them as their mommy goat has mastitis and isn't able to fully feed them.  Saturday morning when I went to check them the boy kid was no where to be found.  Our vet was here to look at Big Mama(mommy goat) with her mastitis so he helped me look.  After we had stopped looking for our little guy the vet saw a black feed bucket move.  We moved the bucket and low and behold there was the baby goat all curled up under the feed bucket.  I wish I had had a camera out there with me as this was one of the funniest cutest things I had ever seen!

Saturday went well though busy for me.  My husband had an all day conference in Kansas City so I was home alone with the kids and two baby goats who needed fed every few hours.  I am very glad that I breastfed my kids, I don't think I could handle getting up every few hours during the night to bottle feed.  Anyway, I had to load up all 8 of the human kids in the afternoon and take them with me to pick up my Azure coop order(more information about Azure coming in a different post).  Love my Azure produce and yogurt!!  This time we got raw organic carrots, apples, and red russet potatoes.  We also got raw organic cheddar cheese in a 5 pound brick and some yummy rice chips, tea tree oil, and a few other odds and ends.  The kids did fairly well for me while they waited in the van as I loaded all my goodies.  Well except for the two boys who decided to honk the horn. . . .

Home brought unloading and getting the kids in the house.  We decided a treat was in order for being such good little monkeys in the van so we had some sherbert.  It was delicious!  Kids and I settled in to read books for a while and then they watched a movie while we waited for daddy to get home.

When I checked my goat kids Saturday night I found another goat starting into labor and one of my kids was a bit unresponsive.  Brought her into the house to try to warm her up and get her going.  She improved a little but we lost her over night.  I had to bring her brother in around 3 in the morning as he was getting to be the same as her.

We lost the female doe kid but the buck is doing great now and he's going to go back outside today.  We have had him in our basement by the wood stove to keep him nice and warm.  My husband last year this time set up a heater in our cellar and that has become our animal nursery!

Sunday brought my doe still being in labor(poor girl still hasn't kidded yet).  I also had a Scentsy Open House here.  I am a Scentsy consultant and you can find my Website Here.  Keep a look out for some awesome changes coming in a few days!

Anyway that was my weekend.  Lots of fun and very busy around here as normal!
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