Friday, January 20, 2012

Parental Rights

I read an article today that left me speechless. . . for a few minutes.  Then I was filled with outrage because that woman could have been me.  The article in reference is this one from health impact news.  It talks about how a woman went to see a new pediatrician for her 2-1/2 year old son.  The pediatrician basically after finding out she didn't vaccinate tried to convince her she should, she refused.  He then tried to get her to sign a waver stating she knew that by not vaccinating she was making it possible for her child to get this horrible disease. . . you get the idea.  Appointment ends, woman goes on vacation for the weekend and comes home to notes on her door from the State Patrol.  Long story short the pediatrician had called the Troopers on her stating she had acted suspicious and refused to show her identification.  The Dr had also turned her into the  Children and Youth Services. 

WOW!  Really.  Ok for one it is not illegal to not vaccinate your children.  You have the right to refuse for them to be vaccinated.  You always have.  It's just easier for everyone if you do.  Schools ask for immunization records and will try to tell you that your child has to have so many vaccinations to come to school.  But you can tell them that you don't believe in vaccinating and they still have to let your child go to school there.  There are actually certain religions that don't believe in vaccinations.

I personally, do not vaccinate my children.  I have had all necessary vaccines throughout my life and some that I didn't really think were necessary but had them anyway to work where I wanted.  The point is this is just horrible that this woman had to go through that.  How mortified I would be if a trooper came to my door and said that I had been turned in for something related to not vaccinating my kids. .. . and angry.   I am very lucky in that our pediatrician knows that I don't want to vaccinate.  He knows that I'm an RN, BSN and he trusts my judgement when it comes to MY children.  They are after all the children of my husband and myself, not the children of the state or the government. 

But that is just my two cents worth.  I'm not saying everyone should stop vaccinating their children.  I am saying that it is a personal choice.  You should think long and hard about this choice for you and your children.   It is and should always remain your choice. Pin It Now!


  1. I think a lot of parents do things to their children that to me the child should make that decision themselves after reaching adulthood. Like vaccinations, religion, ear piercing, etc. Just because they're our children some things should still be their decision as they get older. Just my two cents :)

  2. Now a days, people can contact CPS on you for just made up things. It's shame they can do that legally just because they do not like you. I had that happen to me twice with it just being dropped after a couple of visits.

    1. It is horrible. We had someone call CPS on us because my children were outside playing(on our farm in the country) during school hours. I still had to go through them doing a visit and such before they could close the case. I really wish that there was a way for CPS to not have to mess with those of us who are doing things correctly and instead focus on those parents that really should not have their children in their homes. But that's my take on that!