Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Are You Blessed?

Blessed is everyone that fears the Lord and follows after His ways. Psalm 128:1

Do we want to be blessed by God?  If yes then the answer is simple you follow Him, you fear Him.  Not a oh my He's going to destroy me kind of fear but the good fear. The He is all powerful and can do anything type of fear.  And then we follow his ways, we allow God to lead us.  We use the Bible as our guide to help us follow Him as He has set out in the Bible what we need to do and given us guidelines to live by.

My question to myself and to is this, are you blessed?  I know I am blessed.  All I have to do is look around me.  I see 8 healthy beautiful children.  I see a house with four walls and a roof that doesn't leak.  I see food on our table and animals in our pasture.  Animals that will provide us with meat(sheep to be butchered in about a month), milk(goats to kid anytime now), and chickens who give us eggs. 

I AM blessed.  God IS good. 
Even when my goats are naughty and escape their pen only to climb on my garage roof--
I AM BLESSED beyond measure.

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  1. Love your posts. Thank you for sharing.

  2. lol...I was thinking of how blessed I was as I read your post and being thankful! Then POW... goats on the roof :D Love it...although I am not as blessed as you!

  3. There are so many times in our lives that we simply forget. We forget to give thanks and appreciate how much we are blessed. I know I am truly blessed as the Lord saved my husband from a serious embolism just this past holiday season. He recovered with no lasting ill effects and although he has CHF, the good Lord has given me his blessing to keep my husband with me for a while longer. Thank you for your reminder of what I should be thankful for.

  4. Such a beautiful post and I thank you for sharing it with us. For years I lived as the "glass is half empty", then we went suffered a financial hardship and though it was a struggle for a few years we made it through the other side. I came to appreciate my many blessings and I now live as my "glass is half full" all the time.

  5. Thank you for making me think about this. I am so blessed! I just need to think about it more and be thankful.