Tuesday, May 8, 2012

True Honor- Review

True Honor, Uncommon Heroes Series #3   -     
        By: Dee Henderson
True Honor by Dee Henderson Book #3 in the Uncommon Heroes series

Description (CBD):   CIA officer Darcy St. James is after a man who knew September 11 would happen--a man who chose to profit from the knowledge. Navy SEAL Sam (Cougar) Houston is busy: The intelligence Darcy is generating has his team deploying around the world. Under the pressure of war, their romance flourishes. But it may be a short relationship: for the terrorists have chosen their next targets, and Darcy's name is high on the list.

My Views:  I loved it!  The retired Darcy coming back into work because an old ex enemy who was really more friend than enemy asked for her.  I fell in love before the first chapter was over.  Darcy is a determined woman who knows how to deal with what is thrown her way.  And since we'd met Sam before, I knew I was going to like him and I knew that he and Darcy would like each other.  Very good book, must read!
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