Monday, May 21, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge- Day 1

So it was with hopeful enthusiasm that I opened my email yesterday morning for Day 1 of the Fitness Challenge!  I am hoping that this will be a fun way to help get myself back on track with exercise and hopefully losing weight. 

Now the least favorite part of everyone for day 1, the measurements!  It took me a bit to find my scale(I really don't use it because I don't like to see that number) and even longer to find my measuring tape.  My kids seem to think that my measuring tape is the best toy ever!  I finally found it in their toybox, which is where I normally find it.

Weight:  132 lb(yikes haven't weighed myself in a while, really need to lose the rest of this baby weight)
Chest:  36 inches(I'm still breastfeeding so I like this measurement!)
Waist:  29 inches(this is the one I didn't want to see, lol, I was a 24 inch waist not too long ago)
Hips:  36 inches(yeap these are quite a bit wider as well)

For day 1, you were to take your measurements, put away all weight loss dieting tools, and get a journal.  I will be journalling online so you're looking at my journal now!  I don't have much in the way of weight loss things so I put away my scale(in hopefully an easier to find spot this time).  I also put away my measuring tape(tried hiding it better this time as well).

And now we're ready to start!!  I received day 2 in my inbox this morning so let the adventure begin!!

Oops, didn't hide my measuring tape well enough. Colin just walked past with it!

On another side note(yeap I'm good at these) my sister in law over at Gluten Free For Jen is also doing the fitness challenge so you might head over and check out her Day  1 challenge as well. Pin It Now!

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