Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Always Green -Review

Always Green (Garden Gates)

Always Green by Patti Hill, Book #2 in the Garden Gates Series 

Description (Amazon):  Mibby Garrett isn't asking for much, just a white knight to rescue her from lonely widowhood, her faltering garden design business, and an unrelenting drought. Or she'd settle for a super dad to guide her son, Ky, through the harrowing years of adolescence. Instead, her free-spirited mother and acerbic sister show up on her doorstep, only magnifying her loneliness. Mentor and friend Louise reminds Mibby that God's blessings flow during droughts of the land and droughts of the heart. Can Mibby put her confidence in Him and discover what it means to be always green and growing?

My Views:  Poor Mibby feels overwhelmed in this book.  But this nice guy comes along. . . . Yeap of course she wants nothing to do with him.  Oh and her mother is something.  Oh my, I'm so glad that is not my mother.  Her older sister has lots of issues as well.  Andrea is still around and Louise is battling cancer like a trooper!  Loved the book.  Make sure to read book 1 as well. You can find my review of that one HERE.  Pin It Now!

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