Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In Every Flower -Review

In Every Flower: A Novel (Garden Gates)

In Every Flower by Patti Hill, Book #3 in the Garden Gates series

Description (Amazon):  Sometimes you get a second chance... Remarriage isn't the happily-ever-after Mibby McManus hoped for. Between conflicting work schedules, a rebellious teenage son, a mother-in-law who can't get enough of the Food Channel, and a cat-in-law bent on destruction, Mibby and her new husband, Larry, never seem to find enough time for each other. Then there's the part Mibby really didn't expect: the constant intrusion of memories. Just when she thinks she's gotten back on track, a phone call from California unsettles everything. It's time for Mibby to face her past or risk losing everything.

My Views:  I was sad to see this series end, but pleased with the results.  Ky grows up and gets into trouble only to learn what life and his mother were really trying to teach him from a man named Droop.  Mibby and Larry have a lot to overcome and Andrea is dealing with issues that only Mibby can really help her with.  Pin It Now!

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