Friday, May 25, 2012

Protecting Your Teens Tour

I wanted to take a few minutes to share a series of books with you.  I have not read these books but really think they would be worth it.  As a mommy of 8, it makes me a bit worried for the future when they all hit the teenage years. . . . together!

Safe Text - Protecting Your Teen from the Dangers of Texting (Protecting Teens from the Dangers of Technology and the Internet)
From Amazon

This is the first book in a series to help parents protect their teens from the dangers of technology and the Internet. Not only does the book describe the dangers and legal implications of texting, but also gives tools and information on how to dialog with teens about the dangers of texting. This is a very practical book. Also, there is a project to go with the book on Diane's website that is based on best practices in education to help teens understand the dangers and how to deal with them. This project will include lesson plans for teachers and parents who home school their teens based on national educational standards and learning targets. There is a video book review on the Amazon purchase page for Safe Text.  I really like that they are prepared for homeschool families to use their book.

Protecting Your Teens on Facebook
From Amazon

This is the second book in a series of books to help parents protect their teens from the dangers of the Internet, texting, and social media sites. This book is about Facebook. Not only does it spell out the dangers of Facebook for teens but also the positives. It describes the problems and actually tells parents what to do about them. The book gives links to a good amount of useful resources.  You can also find it on Amazon by going Here. 

Social Media Secrets
From Amazon

Have a teen planning to go to college? This is the book for you. It is a book to help parents and teens use Social Media to help the student get into college. It describes the traps that might have an adverse effect on admittance into a college. The most popular social media sites are described as well as some newer sites that a becoming more popular. This is a must have book if you want to help your teen capture an advantage in being accepted to the college of their choice. There is a video book review on the Amazon purchase page for Social Media Secrets. Click on the link below to learn more about the book and view the Review.

Diane is giving away a Kindle Fire and two Amazon Gift certificates. Any host or member of the Assisting Authors Online Book Review Team will get 15 entries to the contest if they review one of the books and put the review up on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari and the hosts site. Readers will get 10 entries for a review posted as previously stated. There are also other ways to get entries.

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  1. Good information. Scary to think what life will be like when my boy small boys are in school! Things are changing so fast with technology and social media!

  2. So glad they have these books available. What a great resource.

  3. Those are VERY useful tools... especially texting and driving!
    S.O.S. Mom

  4. These books are so valuable. If your child is going to college, you absolutely should get "Social Media Secrets." There are so many tips to help your teen get into a college of their choice and more. I have been a teacher for many years and I endorse all three books as a necessary addition to a parent's library. These books were written for parents and teachers.

  5. I read the dangers of texting. GREAT books!