Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rough Weekend

I had a bit of a rough weekend.  My husband left Friday morning for a Civil War Reenactment. I woke up feeling achy all over with a migraine that I still haven't managed to kick.   Friday wasn't too horrible.  It was Audry's birthday so we had special meals.  I had to take the two 5 year olds to the Dr that afternoon.  The kids of course were a bit cranky because Daddy was gone.  The worst was getting them to go to bed.  How many times do they really need to go potty or get a drink or brush their teeth? Of course all their stalling made me late to doing chores.  I went out and found a dead baby goat(set of twins less than 24 hours old).  Not sure what happened.  She was very tiny but no signs of trauma and she'd been up and eating well. 

Saturday I still had a migraine and no energy, but I managed to mow the flat fenced in part of the yard.  Did around 12 loads of laundry(which I will admit I have not folded yet :/ )  The kids chose that day of course to be obtuse and not want to do what Mommy told them to.  So, to help them feel better and make my job a bit easier we decided to have popcorn and watch a movie before bed.  I ended up choosing a movie for them because they couldn't all agree.

Now here's the fun part!  Sunday, today, should have been an uphill day because Daddy would be coming home.  Daddy is still not home and I just got the last little one to sleep.  I am now indulging in my comfort food of gluten free "oreo" cookies and peanut butter.  It started out with the kids and I up and hiking around 2 miles up and down our pasture locating the horses who hadn't come down at all on Saturday.  This means me pushing a double stroller up bluff hills while encouraging my monkeys to keep up and not wander off.  We did find the horses!  Back to the house we go.  I then mowed the hill in our yard.  While I was doing that our dogs decided to get into a fight which resulted in one having some blood on his side. My kids freaked out!  They were all bawling because the dog was dying. I gave him a bath to prove he was fine(he loved me for that--not).  He is now fine except for a limp which I think he puts on for sympathy because he's done the limp before.

Now to the more fun on Sunday.  My goats kept getting out.  They somehow have found a place in the pasture fence up by our fenced in yard and they will get out and eat the grass.  They will then roam down towards the road.  I'll see them and scurry them back into the pen.  We played this musical chairs game about 6 times today.  Not fun.  But, the very sad part is that my best milk goat decided to take her less than 3 day old surviving twin out into our pasture.  I spent almost two hours this evening walking the hills and trying to find her.  Thankfully my parents understood and came to watch the kids so I could try to find her.  I never found her.  So now I have lost a set of tricolor doe twins.  This has not been a good year for baby goats for me. :(  The really sad part for me is I hadn't gotten my baby pictures of either yet.  So no picture to add them to my goat charts.

Colin in on April 1st at Uncle Ian's.  He was a man on a mission
But there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!  This weekend I determined to potty train my 3 year old boy. We've worked with him before but never very consistently and it was more up to him.  I'd offer the potty but never forced it.  This weekend I put him in underwear and we went to town!  He has now had big boy "panties" (yes all three of my boys call them panties) on since Friday morning including at night and is officially a big boy!! We only had one or two accidents and never at night.  I'm super proud of my little guy!

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